Our sustainability work is part and parcel of our overall strategy and approach. We are continuously taking steps to further improve our Environmental, Social, and Governance footprint, guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is our firm belief that we have a critical part to play in driving a more sustainable dental industry throughout the entire value chain.


We believe that increasing our efficiency and that of our customers as well as driving circularity is where we make the greatest impact. With streamlined procedures and processes, and a higher degree of circularity, waste is reduced to a minimum. For example, within the group, we are looking at how we can improve packaging in order to transport less air. Efficient sourcing and warehousing infrastructure and our own last-mile delivery network are also key tools to reduce emissions and enable circularity.


Our coworkers are our greatest asset, and we expect a lot from them. As such, we are committed to being a fair and equal opportunity employer. The safety of our colleagues is paramount and we have several measures in place to minimise risk. For example, a system for reporting and recording near misses alerts us to points of risk so that we can take appropriate measures in time. We similarly expect strict adherence to the UN Sustainable Development Goals from our suppliers and maintain close relationships to ensure our expectations are met.


Our code of conduct and supplier code of conduct ensures adherence to ethical business principles throughout our operations. We have leadership training in place and a clear action plan on how to improve processes. Clear governance, oversight, and accountability form our governance foundation.


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